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serving:  Washington & Michigan

A well-rounded equestrian education is available with licensed trainer, Cassandra Snyder.  If you want to relate to your horse in a kind and gentle way, or if you want to learn to ride or ride better, while using your horse or mine, please contact me.

Whichever your chosen discipline:  Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, trail riding, Western Equitation, Cross-Country....all riding instruction is based upon an understanding of the bio-mechanics of the horse and human; emotions and instincts of each species; and developing perfect communication between!

All lessons will be structured around safety, and a centered and balanced approach of proper equitation.  A solid understanding of how horses learn and interact will be taught, if unknown. Gentle, compassionate and caring mannerisms will be instilled in any young impressionable students.  Lightness of aids/cues is emphasized; it is not work to ride a horse!

Many students have come here and learned in one lesson what has eluded them for over a decades worth of lessons.  

"After a dozen years of taking lessons from various trainers, she {Cassandra} would recognize things that were incorrect with regards to proper communicative aids while I was riding, including the seat, hands, and legs – the foundation of proper equitation!

In one private 2 hour lesson Cassandra established the proper seat, weight, leg and hand positions to effectively communicate with a horse.

Brilliant Schoolmasters (lesson horses with a lot of knowledge and ability to teach) are available for a great and pleasurable learning experience.

When her Thoroughbred schoolmaster, named Enchantment, went from grinding its teeth in agitation over my "chair seat" riding position, to then lifting his back up and performing a passage! once I had mastered the correct seat and aids...I felt wonderful; like I was working with the horse not against it!"  ~ Amy Pratt

Lessons are available by the hour, or by larger time blocks.  Schedule ahead to reserve consecutive private weekend tutelage, or weekday sessions for the courses in the The Sacred Language. 

Courses in The Sacred Language (please see page) will give you deep insight into the psyche of the horse and will provide you the education of how to be what our horses needs us to be in order to create a lasting relationship of mutual respect and love, no matter how much or how little experience you have: 

"I really appreciate that you not only trained my horse, but also that you took the time to train me! After 20 + years of horse ownership, I have learned so much from you!" ~ Peg Bormann

Problems with your horse such as: excessive anxiety, shying or spooking, refusing to cross water, refusing or hitting jumps, not standing still for mounting, jigging instead of walking, rushing down hills, impure paces, not correctly using the back muscles, trailer loading issues, or if your horse is just plain pushing you around....all can be helped, in a kind manner.

"After putting up with his obnoxious, defiant, "bully" attitude for 6 years, I now have a calm, compliant horse! You have managed a total transformation! Thanks to you, he now moves out of my way on the ground, leads quietly, stands when I mount, and "gives" softly when I ask. WOW!

I am just thrilled to finally have the horse that I've hoped for. We are on our way, at last, to forming a partnership-becoming a team-and enjoying our excursions together." ~ Peg Bormann

To create emotional contentment in our horses; for them to be calm, relaxed, 'happily submissive,' trusting, eager-to-please, and able to perform to their utmost potential, your horse needs you to act in a certain way. This certain way is explained in detail during the courses in The Sacred Language; it is C. Snyder's Way! 


Injured horses need therapy for proper healing!  SCEC offers accelerated healing for problems ranging from being "girthy" and bucking when saddled,  "cold-backed," torn suspensory ligaments, to huge open wounds.  I pray your horse(s) have none of these ailments, but if they do, please seek treatment and healing, not just antibiotics and bute. I offer the latest technologically advanced instruments for accelerated healing, along with spinal adjustments, massage, nutritional consultations and much more to help your horse heal!  Please see pages titled Equine Therapy and Problem Solving for more info.


All breeds and disciplines welcome.

All riders welcome: beginner through advanced.

Stallions welcome.


See results with your horse; C. Snyder's Way. 


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