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My Beliefs:

With these beliefs guiding my actions, I offer PHYSIOLOGICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL problem solving! Please go to the Problem Solving page for more information.

I believe all horses are kind-natured animals until confused and provoked.

I believe all problems between horse and human can be categorized into:

     1. misunderstanding; a failure to understand the communicative effort 

     2. dysfunction; the physical inability to perform what has been asked

     3. misunderstanding coupled with dyfunction

     4. the human is using force/intimidation and the horse is frightenend

     5. The human is unwilling/unable to understand, or hear, the horse

I believe it is the duty of the human to strive to be as easily understood as possible. When the human takes on the burden of responsibility for the actions of the horse, the horse's learning becomes highly accelerated. I have created a positive and primary reinforcement training method utilizing the horse's inherent language: "The Sacred Language; The Horse's Language."  Please visit the page titled The Sacred Language to learn more! 

I believe safety should be always paramount. As I teach timing, feel, cues, and how to relate to the horse, we may start on the ground, if needed.  In this way, no learning mistakes become dangerous errors.  I believe no one should suffer from giving an extra-exuberant and energetic command, while mounted!  

I believe in a manner of riding which does not bring about resistance from the horse.  I teach how to stay centered, and properly aligned on the horse; how to use your balance, body, seat, weight, legs and rein aids to communicate to the horse.  I therefore eliminate many uncomfortable situations riders believed they had to endure to ride.  

"When you moved my left leg into position, while I was in the saddle, I hadn't felt such comfort in a LONG time.  And the comfort continues today.  Thank you, thank you, for this "relief"!  Your talents, as we suspected go way beyond horses."  Vicke Horvath.

Riding a horse is not work; it can be filled with joy, lightness, and energetic communication.

I believe horses have the right to be happy. And I believe all of us have within us, the capability to create a beautiful, harmonious relationship with our horse. We can all create a happy horse that responds to us with deference; what I call a "happy submission" A relaxed jaw, lowered head, a calm and 'liquid' eye...these are signs of "happy submission," whith the horse willingly and courteously yielding to our wishes.  This is NOT the submission so many clinicians preach about. Upon observing their horse you see it may tremble, and hang its head very low with ears flat, lips that are clenched with a jaw so very tight, because someone has frightened it, or even chased it around a pen!  That description is the submission I want from my horse.  That is fear, not respect.

I believe all horses have the right to be taught to "carry their rider."  A horse is "carrying" when its ligamentous system is involved to support the rider, and the long back muscles are free to propel the horse forward.  Educating the horse how to carry is not difficult and it prolongs the horse's usefulness.  Please see the page titled Carry the Rider to learn more details. 


Photo of Enchantment and Cassandra Snyder.

This Thoroughbred gelding, with a prior history as a racehorse, is now "happily-submissive," "eager-to-please," and is correctly "carrying" while he bounds around a Hunter course.


 "If you can believe it; you can achieve it!"

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