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  To create a perfect union between yourself and your horse:  A Sacred Circle of Energy, Mutual Respect, Communication, and Love, in which all needs of horse and human are met; a perfect relationship. 

Cassandra Snyder teaches:

       The Sacred Language; The Horses' Language: complete understanding between two species

       Lightness: to ride with subtle, gentle cues is a joyful experience all horses and riders delight in

     Dressage: Classical High School; kind and insightful approach to the process of horsemanship

       Carrying: Engagement of the horse's back; to enhance the longevity and health of the horse.  

       Hunt Seat: The American Forward Seat of Riding; beautiful form with smooth and invisible aids

     Jumping: With style; galloping powerfully forward with correct equitation over fences


Horses are emotional animals centered around how they feel. 

Learning to correctly interpret horses' expressions, behaviors and mannerisms is the start to altering the way they feel.  We can change our horses' life experience into one of contented relaxation.  This feeling of relaxation enhances performance and provides safety and joy for horse and human.  

Below are two very different situations.

The facial expression (left) indicates distress, worry, & discomfort. Her eyes don't explore her surroundings. Instead, she copes with pain. 

Her reins are not taught (her lips are not pulled back) but still, she has a broken neckline: see the 'bump' in her neck, three hands widths behind her ears? This indicates malfunction and pain.  She gapes her mouth; endures.

Pain in the body, as well as painful training methods and equipment i.e. sharp bits, draw reins, spurs... are similar. Pain from any source causes tension, fear, panic, and anxiety. Pain distracts a horse from learning. Pain renders the horse unable to do its best. Pain takes away the horse's ability to be relaxed and comfortable.


Unnoticed, subtle dysfunction can have enormous ramifications: confusion, lack of confidence, poor performance, and frustration in both horse and rider.


The facial expression (right) indicates relaxation, tranquility and confidence. His eyes and ears softly absorb his surroundings, while his pain-free body allows him to focus on his rider's wishes.  He is enjoying being ridden. No tension exists.  He is comfortable.  

Relaxation is the fundamental building block of educating the horse. If a horse hurts, it cannot be relaxed. Instead, they are distracted by pain and focus on how to avoid pain. This behavior is often mislabeled as resistance or being 'bad'. 

My first focus is to achieve relaxation. By eradicating pain and painful training methods and by handling the horse in a loving manner we enable the horse to relax. By freeing a horse from physical dyfunction and removing any fear of the rider/handler, learning is accelerated. Relaxation is paramount for success.


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 May the Great Spirit watch over us,

guiding our footsteps in the ways of peace. 


Shoteka & Cassandra Snyder

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