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Horses For Sale

Horses For Sale:

If you are seeking a well-handled horse with the following attributes:

willingness to work, affectionate demeanor, confident nature, trusting of people, eager-to-please attitude, sound in body and mind....

then any horse trained by Cassandra Snyder's Way will meet your criteria.

Please scroll down to meet:  Enchantment, Tigger and Jubilee!      Videos further below. 

Enchantment: 2002 Thoroughbred gelding, 16 hh.


Enchantment, First Level, 2011

 His exquisite good looks, phenomenal balance, free movement, keen intelligence, calm thinking mind, and noble heart, are a product of the finest Thoroughbred stock available in North America. He is sired by Kentucky Derby winner, Go For Gin; out of a Breeder's Cup winner, Broad Brush mare, named Jolly Ginny. Enchantment is currently schooling First/Second Level Dressage, and is strong, straight, and true over all fence types. Exceptionally confident; ridden out on trails by himself or in company.  He is light in the bridle. 


 Free Jump:  3' 3"












 Schooling show; Hunter course


 Training Level
















First Level; lengthen stride in trot

 Enchantment is offered to an amateur or professional seeking a carefully developed horse schooled in lightness.  A centered and balanced rider is a must, as Enchantment is a valued schoolmaster for the lower levels (he will help you become a balanced and centered rider!).  He has never been pushed and pulled, nor ridden in hyperflexion, nor had a driving seat to hollow his back down.  He is a powerful, strong back mover as you can see.  

Enchantment at Halt

 He seeks the bit with a trusting faith that you will never punish or jerk on the bit.  He is ridden from inside leg to outside rein.  Even on the trail, his joyful exuberance and obvious love for long hacks, does not overpower his training. A forward thinking gelding, Enchantment stays politely at your speed and tempo.  Although always eager to pick up the pace when riding cross country, his manners never fail, and at the lightest request of your {whole body} half halt, Enchantment is rebalanced easily onto his haunches.


Enchantment loves water, will lead a group through creeks, swims, splashes and plays is allowed; all day if you let him, but will cross on through obediently also.  

  Enchantment is very affectionate.  He will interact with you every minute you give to him!

                      And, he seems to know his importance and value, without being too haughty!






 Tigger: 2005 Arabian/Friesian gelding, 15.2 1/2 hh. 

Although a grand trail horse; this is one horse too beautiful to stay hidden in the woods....

Graceful, leggy, and elegant, this black, handsome horse offers everything a Dressage and trail rider could want.  Sane and sensitive in disposition; powerful, airy and lofty in movement; striking and proud presence, all add up to captivate spectators and Judges alike!

His buoyant movement, which earned him the name Tigger, is richly rewarded by Judges: "LOVELY horse!" "Elegant horse!" were the comments, and the high marks awarded validate his presence in a Dressage arena.


He displayes poise, concentration and attentiveness while in the ring.  I have taken great care to develop a proper mouth-to-hand connection with him, and have prevented the commonplace scene of an Arabian Sport horse with a jammed and broken neckline. 


Tigger walking around the beautiful show grounds.

And when at the Mecosta County Youth Fair...

...he settled in nicely after giving rapt attention to the strange noise made by pigs! 

His exhibitor, Cayla Patterson, (twelve years old), was a kind and gentle Leader for Tigger.  She provided him a positive experience amidst the chaos.  Using Tigger for her Equine Demonstration class, she shared the benefits and methodology of The Sacred Language.




Photograph of The Sacred Language:




The Sacred Language






mutual reverence,







Tigger is gentle natured; composed and thoughtful; not prone to exuberant moves, or spooking; he is a solid citizen.

Tigger is suitable for a Junior or an Amateur, as he is not difficult in any way. The rider may even be shy or fearful, as I don't imagine this to change Tigger's performance or disposition; he would not take advantage. He makes no quick moves, and desires to please.

Tigger has a BIG way of moving!

Here is big movement, without the cumbersome big horse. His gaits are supple, strong, and effortless.  He is a forward thinking, and confident and curious mount when under saddle.  His new rider must either know how to sustain their position on a big moving horse, or be looking for such a horse to learn on.  Please:  no beginning riders.  His trot is far too much motion for a rider who has never ridden; it could potentially be discouraging for them.  Tigger rides like a quality Warmblood, or supple Friesian.  


he has the dramatic look of fierce beauty that belies his gentle soul! 


 Dressage dynamite; in a safe and smaller package!



Tigger conquering all obstacles at Fire Mountain Obstacle Course, Sedro-Wooley, WA 2016


Tigger; lots and lots of fun!


Jubilee:  2005 Rocky Mountain gelding, 15.3 hh.  An experienced trail horse, ready to be your best friend and riding partner...   

He is named after his happy, playful outlook on life!

He is built for soundness and longevity, as well as rider comfort, as you can see:

Jubilee loves to be ridden.  He loves going new places.

He is a safe, joyful, and delightful companion on the trail.

His eager to please disposition, coupled with above average intelligence will make him perfect for someone wanting to trick train, competitive trail ride, or just train for the sheer joy of communicating.

I cannot help but smile when I am around him.


Jubilee's happiness is contagious, he makes everyone smile!

His energy is high enough for a rider who wants to spend hours walking in nature astride a gentle horse. His four-beat gait is good and smooth. His energy is not nervous, or anxious, or prone to spooking. It is just available if you want to use it.


He is very affectionate, playful and loving. He will be a lifetime friend for someone who enjoys spending time with, and astride, their horse.


Quiet, gentle, kind people make him feel comfortable and interactive.




And he gives great hugs to those people!!


Jubilee is endearing and playful; full of love when handled with love...


 He is light and responsive to rider's aids, and is ridden in the most gentle of bits:  a double jointed snaffle and has no resistance or tension.


Always sound and healthy, friendly and brave.  Jubilee is current on all vaccinations, Coggins, dental etc.

He is perfectly mannered and overflowing with love (so maybe a little bit pesty:)  If you are looking to meet your next best friend, please come meet Jubilee!





Connor:  2004 Thoroughbred gelding 16hh

 Connor is sweet and sensitive, quiet and steady, and totally ready to be your best friend and riding partner... He is responsive to gentle cues.  Harshness or too strong of an energy concern him and create tension.  He wants his person to be loving, so he can give his love and affection.





Nurse Lilly Hammer:   Sold, Congratulations Cayla!

 Now called:  "Cayla's Lilly"


 Everything's Magic; Tennessee Wallking horse mare

"Magic is everything I always wanted.  Thank you so much! I can't make enough time in the day to spend with her, I always want more!"  Sheila




Tennessee Tess:  Tennessee Walking horse mare

"I worked with Tess in order to learn The Sacred Language, and ended up bringing her home!  Because of The Sacred Language, Tess does as I ask with just a slight movement from me, and is the most relaxed horse I have ever been around.  When my 5 year old son is in the pen, she does not move a muscle (except to blow in his hair which he loves).  It is the most amazing thing."  ~ Jilliane Walsh      {photo of Tess giving riding lesson to student}




Shoteka; Paint horse gelding

"We rode again today at Silver Creek and it was wonderful.
Shoteka is a dream come true for all of us! "  Tom and Vicke Horvath